Odic Poesy

Since as early as the 15th century we have used jewelry to demonstrate love, protection and stories of the heart. Odic is a story. Poesy is the art of the story. Jewelry is the medium that we cherish and have given to demonstrate love and tell our story.


Poesy rings tell of love stories, inspiration, gratitude of the heart. They are to be worn close to the heart beat, on your chest, hand or wrist.


Odic Poesy gives you a chance to build your own message to share love and self love. We believe there ismagic when you wear affirmations close to your heart and even more when you gift them.


Poesy rings are symbols of eternal love, the rings are engraved with meaningful messages. Collect your story, share your love. Build Odic Poesy necklaces and collect your rings.



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